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    Error Upgrading MA 4.8 P3 to 5.0 P2


      I've been upgrading the MA to 5.0 p2 version and the installer finish the process of upgrade but it show as Unmanaged Agent, and the last security update as Unknown.


      In the MFEagent.msi log show the following sentence:

      ErrorInvalidSitelist = The specified sitelist is invalid


      In the maconfig shows this

      2015-09-24 13:37:04.378 maconfig(12820.23656) maconfig.Error: Setting up agent key store failed , moving to unmanaged mode

      2015-09-24 13:37:04.378 maconfig(12820.23656) maconfig.Debug: agent moved form managed to unmanaged, reconfiguring configurator


      All the logs are attached.


      ePO Version 5.3

      Mcafee Agent 5.0.2