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    SVM / Vshield issue




      I've been rolling out (successfully) SVM's to all of our vmhosts, and it seems to be working very nicely.  However I'm having a very stubborn host that is exhibiting a weird issue.


      The SVM successfully registers with vshield (and EPO), however it does not show up in the list of endpoints.  Any idea why this may be?  It's working absolutely fine on 12 other hosts.


      Even weirder (weirdest of all), within EPO it is not displaying the correct installed products, in fact, it only shows mcafee agent as being installed.  This is from the exact same rollout (using the same vmdk/ovf - using the perl deployment script)


      I've checked I can ping


      1. the EPO

      2. the vshield

      3. the esxi host itself, as well as the vcenter

      4. DNS servers

      5. that there are no IP conflicts of any kind


      All are absolutely fine.  I've unregistered/re-registered the SVA machine, recreated it twice, but it simply is not working.


      I'll attach some screenshots demonstrating the issue, rather than waffling on about it.  I also included a screenshot showing a scanner service warning regarding its inability to connect to the hypervisor.  The policy is correct and functional for all of our other SVM machines, and the error usually pops up when the SVM is first rolled out, but then disappears.


      It's not a huge issue as it isn't in our production vm cluster, but it's doing my head in!


      Willing to provide any other information required.



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          Did you try with ePO deployment method ?

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            Hi thanks for your reply.  I was not aware that there was a method to roll this out via EPO.  All documentation I read was to do it the way I did it (with the PERL script).


            If you could point me in the right direction that'd be great.


            In the time since I posted my topic, the SVM now shows the list of products correctly in EPO, and it's in regular contact.  However, it's still not showing up in the endpoints tab within vshield.  Very annoying!

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              The SVM getting listed under ePO and endpoint are 2 different things.

              Registering successfully with ePO - Listing in ePO

              Registering successfully with vShield Manager - Listing under endpoint.


              What is the status of eicar detection ? Is it working fine ? If not, then the SVM is not getting registered with vShield manager and that means there is some problem with vShield DB.

              Are you seeing with only one SVM or with all SVM's ?


              Regarding the ePO deployment it is documented in PG. Let me know if you have queries regarding this ?