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    problem with VirusScan 8.8


      i recently populated patch 6 to computers via ePo 4.69

      now i keep gettin groving numer of computers not protected by VirusScan in epo this look like :


      I cant reinstall VS , cant stop McShield (i tried to install new engine by coping files from other not affected computer), even though i stoped  acces protection in console.

      In some computers i cant even get to VirusScanConsole to stop acces protection.


      The only remedium at present is to force uninstall all McAfee products and manually clean registry from all keys and propertis containing McAfee , remove all Mcafee folders from disk and reboot workstation.

      Then i can reinstall agent  and agent get VS installed

      ... but that procedure takes much time.

      And counter of affected computers keep rising.....