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    How to unload encryption filter drivers in WinPE?




      I am trying to move away from McAfee disk encryption and am having trouble unloading the filter drivers from within Windows PE, allowing for a full format to be done.


      At the moment, our format/partition process seems to be intercepted. A new OS image is placed on the disk, however upon restart we get the message "Missing Operating System".


      Previously, when moving away from a Sophos encryption product, Sophos provided a utility that unloaded the filter drivers and allowed the disk to be wiped correctly.


      After searching online, and reaching out to McAfee, there seems to be no solutions out there, and even a bit of reluctance from McAfee to provide a way to "unlock" an encrypted disk... even if we wish to blow away all the data.


      Here is a post on the TechNet forums with someone facing the same issue - the resolution 'run diskpart' is marked as the solution... for some incredibly dumb reason. - OSD - Mcafee Encryption to Bitlocker Task Sequence (Missing operating system)


      Has anyone got any insight to this?

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          AFAIK it can't be done - but, a more fundamental question is why would you need to? Are you booting WinPE off an encrypted partition? I would have thought you'd boot off an unencrypted partition, then you'd not need the encryption drivers in place?


          I agree though, diskpart is not going to help - unless it's used to create an unencrypted partition.