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    EPO 3.6.0 End of Life on 01/31/08

      Below is a statement from McAfee about 3.6.0 End-Of Life

      ePolicy Orchestrator 3.6.0 End-of-Life Statement


      McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 3.6.0
      Microsoft Windows


      On 1/31/2008, McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) 3.6.0 will reach its end of full service support date. ePO 3.6.0 will no longer be tested with new releases of related products or utilities. As of this date, technical support will no longer be provided for ePO 3.6.0 by McAfee's Customer Support organization.

      Customers who are still running ePO 3.6.0 as of 1/31/2008 will be required to migrate to a currently supported version of the product (3.6.1 or 4.0) immediately.

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