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    epo4.5 to epo5.3


      Hello all,


      I need some help in about to move from old system to new supported one please


      I have epo 4.5 with Virus scan and would like to move across to epo 5.3


      epo 4.5

      Windows 2003 server 32-bit


      epo 5.3 ( not installed yet )

      windows 2008 r2 64-bit


      I would like to move existing clients over to the new server but would like to start a fresh database and all policies.


      So far i cannot find any KB or discussion if someone has done this before


      Thank you for having a look at this issue


      Your help would be appreciate


      Thank you

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          You can use Registered Servers to register the ePO servers with each other.  Then you can transfer clients between the servers.  In my experience it's not perfectly reliable; you may lose some clients transferring between the two, but you can get a lot of them transferred over.


          You can also move policies, but of course you don't have to.


          I've not tried connecting 4.5 to 5.3, though.  I'm not sure of the compatibility there.  I've done 4.6.8 to 5.1.0 successfully, though.

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            Thank you for your reply tkinkead


            Another question is here that i am going from epo4.5 non AD sync to 5.3 AD sync.

            how will that work when moving the clients across from one epo server to another? wouldn't i see duplicate items in the system tree?


            Happy to re-create the policies as well...



            Your help would be appreciate


            Thank you

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              Couple options.


              1) Do the client transfer between ePO servers, and then set up a task on your new ePO server to delete duplicate client names.  Run that once or twice a day.  The Agents will transfer to the new ePO.  If duplicate names exist, the task will delete them, and eventually the clients will reconnect.  If the AD sync is configured correctly, it won't re-add a system from AD that it already knows about.  Eventually you'll clear up most of the issues.


              2) Don't do the client transfer.  Make a McAfee Agent push part of your AD sync.  This will push an Agent package to each system it adds back in and install over the top of the existing Agent.  You will need to provide ePO with an account that has administrator-level access to the systems where the Agent is being pushed, however.


              #2 is probably a fair bit easier.  It's also a good practice.  I have a task set up every 4 hours that deletes all unmanaged systems in my Workstations group (desktops and laptops), and then runs an AD sync and attempts to push an Agent package to any systems it adds back in. 

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                I have been speaking to McAfee support and there have mention that i can do the below


                Install ePo 5.3

                sync with AD

                push the client from the new ePO server

                all done


                That's simple rather then taking the over db across :-)


                Thank you