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    How to kill McAfee processes permanantly


      We are using VSE8.8.0 on different versions of Windows server including 2012 R2 edition. For a specific period of time i want to pause all the McAfee services from that machine(2012 R2).

      After disabling from "Virus Scan Conlsole", still "McAfee On Access Scanner" & "McAfee Agent"services is running at "Task Manager".

      I have checked from "services.msc" to kill them permanently without any success.

      Is there anything that i can do from ePO? Any idea to suggest!

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          Hello Sazzard


          You are placing the server at risk, by disabling the AV.


          To disable the AV :

          Go the A access protection on the VSE console . deselect the 2 tick boxes :

          1. Enable access protection

          2. Prevent mcAfee services from being stopped.


          When this is done , go to the services.msc

          stop all the mcafee services . Then go to the properties of the services and select disabled.


          This should stop the services from starting up.

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            I can't think of any legitimate need to disable McAfee Agent.  It's very light and I've never ever had a problem with it interfering with anything.  LIkewise for VirusScan Enterprise per se.   I have however had occasion to disable the AccessProtection portion of VSE at times.  For that, in ePO I like to implement a tag, and use a policy assignment rule to apply a VSE policy in which Access protection is disabled for hosts that have my "VSE - Disable Access Protection" tag.        You could combine this technique with a server taskk to apply that tag at given intervals and to send a couple of wake up call to apply the new policy/tag.   I've not done this but just thinking out loud.