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    Not getting McAfee Updates


      This is for Catdaddy, because I do not know much about computers. You answered my question about our McAfee's not updating since August. To answer your questions, we have the final Windows 10, no we didn't turn McAfee's off when Windows 10 downloaded. We have not tried uninstall & install. My husband has a store bought disc. my McAfee's came installed on my computer with a 2032 subscription expiration date. Today something weird happen when my husband signed on  his computer, there was a Norton's icon on his start page. Neither one of us have Norton's installed, so we have no idea where this came from.. Now he did uninstall that and deleted the icon. Thank you for your help.

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                     Hi there, just to clarify my thinking. So your computer came with your McAfee Software pre-installed and is functioning fine, and your subscription is active ? So actually your primary concerns are that your husband noticed a (Norton Icon) even though neither of you 'Intentionally' installed the product?


                     Since then he has deleted it from your system? Are you experiencing any adverse effects/issues?


                   It just so happens that late last night I was Auto-updated to the latest Adobe Flash Player ( v19.0.0.185 ) Is there by chance the Norton Product found on your machine was (Norton Security Scan)? Which is a similar product comparatively speaking, to McAfee Security Scan Plus.


                   Quite often when one downloads Adobe products, one may inadvertently installed products as such which are (Bundled) with the Product itself as a 'Optional Offer' Simply make certain that they are not selected before continuing.


                      If you are comfortable that you no longer have any suspected Security Software onboard, and your McAfee Software is performing properly. Then I see no reason to be concerned. However if that is not the case, please apprise me/us as we have additional Tools/Programs to suggest you to check out.


                        I will go ahead and send you the Link to these Superb Free Tools, if you feel the need to utilize;

                        Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools


                        You may also find these 2 articles most informative ;PUPs - Potentially Unwanted Programs - Basics


          Wishing you all the very Best,



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            Hi sissy,

                            I am following up in regards to your issue. The first thing that stood out to me was your (Expiry Date). Could you kindly apprise us if your issue has been resolved?


            I might add also, it is recommended to at least (Disable) your McAfee Software/or Uninstall before performing such a task as 'UpGrading' your Operating System or Service Packs installation.


            Thank you in Advance,


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              Catdaddy, No I am still not getting updates. Yes I bought my computer from Qvc and it had life time McAfee. But right now I am wondering if it is even doing any good, since it is not updating, I do not even know if it is safe to be online. Sissy

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                Oh My Goodness! Please follow these steps"


                Until the Patch/Fix indeed arrives.

                1- Open your McAfee Security Center

                2- Click on Navigation

                3- Click on General Settings and Alerts

                4- Expand Access Protection and uncheck/disable/apply

                5- Check for updates, After Updates are completed, Follow steps 1-4 again and Place a Check/enable Access Protection/apply.


                Kindly post back your results. Also please furnish your Version/Build.


                All the Best,


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                  It quite possibly could be that your installation has become corrupt. If the Work-Around I furnished does not resolve your issue. I recommend a Clean Uninstall/Reinstall following these Guidelines/Instructions; How to uninstall or re-install supported McAfee products using the Consumer Products Removal tool


                  It is rather late in my Geographical Location, so I must call it a Night. I will check and follow up in the morning.