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    VSE 8.8 Scan Exclusions


      VSE 8.8 controlled by ePO 5.3. We have 2 systems that we need to configure for scan exclusions. I followed https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB67544

      as a guide but not sure if i did it correctly.I made a new policy from Mcafee Default policy. Went into system tree and selected the 2 pc's and then actions->agent->set policy and inheritance. So now the assigned policies tab look like this:




      For the pattern in policy exclusion, i used c:\dir to exclude

      Is this the correct way to do what we need to do?

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          I'm confused.  What is the name of the policy you created, My Default or a different one?  Regardless, you need to ensure that the new policy is applied to the two nodes in question.  Since it is only 2 you could do it individually.  I'm concerned that the screesnshot you attached is showing us the 2 exceptions to the My Default policy assignment.  Essentially showing the opposite of what you intended.


          As for the exclusions themselves, ensure that you follow this KB. https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB50998

          Exclusions for folders and files need to be entered with proper formatting.  In the example you gave c:\dir, VSE will actually treat that as a file and not a dir or folder.  Folders need to have the trailing slash.  e.g., c:\dir\

          Hope this helps get you moving forward again.



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            It did! So i changed my default to the new policy i created. I then changed the pattern from c:\dir to c:\dir\*.*

            Is there anyway to tell if this is working from the client side or ePO side?

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              Hello Carnold,


              you can check the exclusions in the VSE console On Access Scanner properties --> default process --> exclusions.