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    Yahoo hijacking


      I have searched the internet, Chrome help, and McAfee help for a solution and haven't found anything yet.


      Regardless of the browser I use (IE or Chrome), when a new tab is opened it goes to a Yahoo search page.  It also redirects to Yahoo after I submit a search and during launch, when I have it set to open to other pages.  I have removed Yahoo as a search engine in Chrome and designated Google as the default.


      When I first noticed it, I ran a McAfee Security Center FULL scan, and it came up empty.  I uninstalled/reinstalled Chrome as well, but it isn't just happening in Chrome and didn't fix the problem.  I also removed the McAfee Web Protection since I read that it uses Yahoo.  I found that something called Results Hub was installed on the computer, so I removed it.  Once that was complete I could also automatically see all hidden files.  I did some more research on the McAfee forums and found Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools so I tried the RootkitRemover, Stinger, and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.  Malwarebytes actually found 54 bad/suspected bad files and removed them, but the original issue remains.


      Thanks in advance...