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    Upgrade VSE 8.0 to VSE 8.5 using ePO 4.0


      I'm not sure whether this thread has been posted before, so if it is, sorry to re-post this thread again on this forum. I've successfully installed ePO 4.0 on the network. I have more than 200 PCs with Virus Scan Enterprises (VSE) 8.0 connected to my network and the update process is nothing wrong. I want to push VSE 8.5 to the entire PC. What is the best way to upgrade VSE 8.0 to VSE 8.5 using ePO 4.0? Since that is impossible to upgrade the VSE across 200 PCs manually. I did some test to check in the VSE 8.5 package into my master repository and deploy it using Deployment Task for 5 test PCs. It ended up with report saying that these 5 test PC have 2 different VSE which are VSE 8.0 and VSE 8.5 installed. So again, what is the best way to upgrade? Do I have to un-install first the VSE 8.0 and then install the VSE 8.5, or there is other better way to do this? Thank you for your help.
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          Could please someone help me out with this? Thank you.
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            In my case, and I don't know why, my very first step was correct how to upgrade the VSE from version 8.0i to version 8.5i. Some reason, after I deployed VSE 8.5i, almost all of the VSE 8.0i files were missing. That was the root cause for my problem.

            So I need to fix the VSE 8.0 first by creating a batch file to force all workstation to repair the VSE 8.0i files.

            Here is the batch file:

            msiexec.exe /fav vse800.msi

            Install VSE 8.0i in the clean workstation and grab the vse800.msi under RepairCache folder.

            I put the batch file and vse800.msi in the server then I force this batch to run for every user. I use ZenWork Desktop Management to run the batch file. I allowed my self one day to finish the batch file that I had created. Then I deploy the VSE 8.5i from the ePO 4.0 Console.

            When it is finish, I run the wake up agent. When a workstation is clicked, it will display all the products are installed on that workstation. It'll say that the workstation has 2 different version of VirusScan. Re-start the workstation and try to wake up the agent again, it'll display the VSE 8.5i installed on that workstation.
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              1. Checkin the VSE8.5 install package
              2. Run the VSE8.5 migration tool to migrate your tasks and policies from vse80 to 8.5
              3. in your deployment task delete the VS8 deploy option and set VS8.5 to install
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                What do you mean by deleting the deployment option for VSE and setting VSE 8.5i up to install?

                The way I set it up is by creating a task under and select the type of the task as Product Deployment (McAfee Agent). For the Products and components, I select VirusScan Enterprise 8.5i and Anti SpyWare 8.5 to install. I set up this deployment to run immediately. So after I finish create this task, I do the wake up agent for all workstations so they do know there is a new task.
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                  If you have deployed VSE8.0 before you probably have a deployment task with the option for VSE8.0 to install. That task option should be deleted so that a client does not get two the deploymenttasks, one with VSE8.0 to install and one with VSE8.5 to install.
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                    No, I did not deploy VSE 8.0 and VSE 8.5 to install at the same time, since what I want is to upgrade into 8.5i. My plan before was remove VSE 8.0 first and then install VSE 8.5i, but it did not work in my case when I run the test. Anyway, thanks for the advice.
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                      I had it set in there to deploy the 8.0i and now the 8.5i. As of right now (because we are still in the testing phase) I have it set to remove the 8.0i and install the 8.5i. Worked like a charm.... but now I am getting errors with the outlook plugin. I am having to manually update every outlook on every workstation to not include that plugin. I am searching for an answer to this, but I have successfully pushed 8.5i to about 500 workstations and have a little over 4000 to go.
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                        Just delete the EXTEND.DAT file on the client. It is recreated automatically when Outlook is restarted.
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                          I did find that solution, and tested it, and it works. However that is still alot of work to go to every machine. As for now I pushed out a new package and it seems to be working. I used the Mcafee instalation designer to create it, and remove the outlook plugin. And now I am just having our helpdesk fix the few calls that are coming in manually.

                          Thanks for the help though.
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