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    False Artemis!A5CD52C7CD9A


      I've been using a program called TurboHUD.exe for a long time now but today it was suddenly quarantined. I excluded the file from the scans but it continues to be quarantined. I've sent a email as well. Thanks

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          You should follow

          What To Do When McAfee Detects Software As An Infection - How to Submit To McAfee Labs & Appeal

          post the analysis id number you get with the submission reply email and if no fix in 4 days ask and I will escalate the case.

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            Please follow the process outlined by PeaceKeeper next time.


            I have whitelisted the files, including the more recent version available on their website.  I have written a note to them as well, indicating that they shouldn't be naming the files (internally) as "notepad.exe" and "mspaint.exe".  This is a poor coding practice, and certainly causes confusion when people verify the intentions of their application.


            Here are the files I whitelisted:




            - David

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              Thank you for the clarification David, as I and others were confused, if you will.

              For I surmised that the OP had submitted properly following the Guidelines/Instructions in the Faq.


              All the Best,