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    Framework Service Problem

      I'm running ePO, CMA and VirusScan 8.5 patch 4. We are experiencing an issue on our Domain Controllers (windows 2003 enterprise sp2) both 32 and 64 bit where the FrameworkService increases it's memory usage until the domain controller stops responding to remote login requests. Clinets have problems with Outlook, drive cannot be mapped, etc... Originally we solved this by doing a reboot; however, I've found that if I simply end the FrameworkSerivce process, the server returns to normal. The amount of time that it takes for the service to cause the problem seems to vary from a week to about a month. Invariably, if I kill the process (the service will not stop gracefully on its own), the server is fine. I can then just restart the framework and all will be fine for a while. All a/v updates continue to get deployed correctly and the servers are up to date with all MS Windows Updates. Has anyone else seen this issue, and if so, any ideas or solutions?


      Eric Summers