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    Uninstalling LiveSafe when I forgot to activate it.....


      Well, just what the subject line says.  I just bought a new Acer laptop and, since I already have a multi-device Norton license, intended to uninstall McAfee so I didn't activate it.  I followed the normal uninstall procedures but it errored out saying it couldn't complete the uninstall.  It still shows up in my program list but anytime I try to open it, I either get nothing or get a blank window that says "Navigation to the webpage was canceled"


      So I go out to get the MCPR tool and it says you must activate McAfee before you can remove it.  But how do I do that?  Do you suppose I should just try to run the MCPR tool anyway?


      I'm running Windows 7 home premium, if that matters.


      Also, while I typically follow instructions very well, I'm not a computer whiz so please feel free to speak to me as though I'm not very bright.