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    I keep getting Virus and Spyware pop-outs



      I have been using McAfee Multi-Access Internet Security as part of my Windstream Internet subscription on my HP Desktop running Win 8.1 since December 2014 and everything is working great.

      Two days ago I purchased a Dell Laptop (Inspiron 5555) running Win 10.  I immediately downloaded and installed McAfee on the Laptop too. I notice when I start the Laptop that my McAfee icon takes much longer to appear on my Taskbar than it ever does with my HP Desktop.

      After waiting for about 2 minutes and the McAfee Icon still hasn't appeared,  I connect to the Internet and sometimes I get two separate "pop-outs" P(one at a time)  from the lower right side of the screen.  Each is about three inches long, black in color with a Red circle on the end with an "X" inside it.  One says "Anti-virus" and the other would say " Virus".  They only pop-out for no more than 3-4 seconds apiece.

      Any idea what these notification mean and are they from McAfee or are they connected to Windows 10 or Dell?

      Thanks and regards,



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