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    HTTP 500 Internal Server Error when starting ePO 5.1.2


      I am having an issue accessing my ePO server page, and the /core/config page from the ePO server itself. I took an export of my production ePO server image, and took a copy of my split config db, and placed them onto two separate machines. When I initially logged into the ePO server, I could at least hit the https://localhost:8443/core/config page. From there, I put in my SQL credentials (username, pwd), the private IP of the SQL server, and tested the connection. Tested successfully.


      Once this was complete, I believe I rebooted, and now I cannot get to the https://localhost:8443/core, or the /core/config page. Is there any way to confirm why this is happening? I have checked the server.log and orion.log files, and there is nothing to lead me down any specific trail. Do I need a successful SQL connection to be able to get to these pages? Seems I would always need /core/config access, in the event a SQL connection had failed or needed configured.