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    Blue Wheel shows on shield indefinitely - supposedly checking for updates


      I am running McAfee Personal Firewall Plus, subscription via MSN and Windows 7.

      I have "automatic updates" set to NOTIFY  when updates are available - whenever the notification comes, we do install them, so we are up-to-date.


      For the last few weeks, the "blue wheel" will appear on the McAfee shield in the system tray and shows for over a half hour.  It does not go away until we intercede by opening Security Center.  We then click the update window and the screen shows progress, and "checking for updates" and goes through progress % very quickly.  It usually does not find any updates.


      I thought McAfee was is checking for updates when the blue wheel appears, but am no longer sure because there is no message when hovering over the shield . 


      When we do get the "Notification" of updates, the message comes without first seeing the blue wheel.  Then when we say OK to install updates ,the blue wheel does appear and hovering correctly shows % download and installing. 


      This has become very frustrating, because when the blue wheel appears, we are expecting McAfee to do something, but it just sits there.

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