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    DLP 9.3


      Dear all.


      Hopefully I will get a little bit of help when it comes to Protection Rule in DLP 9.3


      I have created a Protection Rule, settings below


      Also got Device Rules one to monitor USB inf orm of removable Storage Device Rule


      My problem is when I have Justification enable I need to click cancel or Justify every single file I like to copy across to a USB.

      I do know this is what I like to have BUT is there a way to instead of doing this for every single file do it once for group of files, quite time consuming if you have hundreds of files.

      Or is there a way to whitelist a certain USB device from the Justification rule (or any other removable devices)


      Thanks in advance  

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          The typical way would be to utilize the DLP helpdesk to justify the action and generate a bypass code for 5 minutes.


          You can whitelist the drive following the guidance in KB60861.

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            Thanks. This works.

            It's a bit of a time consuming way to make it work

            BUT less time consuming than click once for every file you will copy across, some 500 files = a lot of clicking


            Again most helpful and again thanks