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    epo upgrade opinion/advice needed




      I'm planning to upgrade epo 4.6 to 5.x and would like to have suggestions.


      My current setup is:

           - single non-ad connected w2k3 std x64

           - epo

           - sql server express 64b, 2008sp1 (10.0.2531.0)

           - both ad connected and non-ad connected clients (under 1k total, but scattered around the globe)


      Going for:

           - single ad connected w2008R2

           - server moved to different ip subnet

           - latest epo 5.x, Is there still sql server express included in epo 5.x installation?

           - clients still both ad connected and non-ad connected


      To my understanding, I have two options:

           1. go with upgrade path (dunno yet all the steps required) and use The Upgrade Compatibility tool

           2. install new server totally fresh, export/import policies and just move clients to new server (KB79283)


      Which method would be the way to proceed in my case? Anything major i should take into consideration?


      All input is appreciated!