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    Update for Windows 10?


      Every since installing windows 10 my full scans now takes days rather than hours. I have deleted the windows old folder, and have not installed any other programs, nor changed anything else. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Mcafee total protection 5 times now, have run chkdsk and sfc /scannow. Neither has come back with any errors, I have defragged the hard drives numerous times, delete temp files regularly. Windows along with all programs and drivers are fully updated but nothing has seemed to work to remedy the problem. A full scan used to take 4-6 hours, now it takes 3 days. Also the update hangs, I frequently see the Mcafee update in the taskbar; which will stay in the taskbar and hang at 33% until I right click and choose to see the update in progress.. After doing so it just zips along from 33% to finished.


      So I'd like to know if there is a newer update (within the last few weeks) that seems to be more compatible with windows 10? Or is there anything that can be done to speed up the full scan. By the time it finally finishes Mcafee is starting the next full scan

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          The update blue thingy on the shield is a bug that is fixed and in beta testing atm. I am running it and all is normal. that said the scanning time is strange  1 mod reported 1 hr longer but days that is not a common issue especially with all the fixes you attempted. I am running  win 10 and will test my scans though this is a new install on a new PC.


          How large a hard drive ie file capacity is the scan doing?

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                                 As Colleague Peacekeeper mentioned, the 'Spinning Arrow'/Polling for updates issue is not necessarily system specific. As it is a known issue that occurs in all OS. And is being addressed as we speak. Pertaining to your scans taking much longer that normal. I have to agree with PK, for it to take (3) days to complete is definitely abnormal. Even 4-6 hours in my experience/opinion is far too long.


                                  I am running Windows 7 Sp1, and have noticed with the recently updated v14.0.4121 Version/Build. My personal 'Scheduled Scan' takes on the average 2 hrs/ 20 mins. When before it averaged between 45 mins/ 1 hr 10 mins. I also have not changed any of my set-up, such as Add-ons/additional programs.


                                   I also maintain my system such as keeping my Email inbox kept to a minimum, as this can contribute to longer scan times, and effect system performance. In your instance , it seems that you have taken the proper steps to attempt to remedy the problem.


                                   Just stabbing in the dark here, before upgrading to Windows 10, did you uninstall your McAfee Software/or at least disable it before proceeding? It is recommended to do so anytime you have a major upgrade such as a 'Service Pack' or 'Operating System Upgrade'.


                                   Other than what we have asked/mentioned. You may benefit by Contacting Technical Support 24/7 via Phone/Online Chat being more expedient. If you feel the need can also request your Service request to be escalated to a Higher Tier Tech, to assist you in resolving your issue.


                                     It would be a good idea to (Save) your SR Number (s) if needed for future references.

                                     Services and Support for Home and Office


                                    During the interim, I plan on running a 'On Demand' Full scan today and observe the over-all scan time.


                                     Also, as Peacekeeper asked, do you have Large amount of File capacity? In my case mine has not increased in volume, other than space taken by Windows Updates.


            All the very Best,


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                                   As I previously mentioned, I have ran a 'On Demand Scan'/Full Scan. From start to finish time incurred was 1 hour 18 mins scanning a total of 168,223 files. I intend on leaving my unit running for my scheduled weekly scan which is due to commence @ 4:00 am Friday morning.


                                   The amount of time is similar to the actual time it generally has taken in the past.

                                    Running MSC V14.0.4121....


                                    I will compare the amount of time necessary to perform a Scheduled Full Scan and report back.





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                I did uninstall McAfee before the update. I even tried a repair install of Windows 10 in which case windows uninstalled Mcafee and reinstalled the "compatible version". As for the length of the scan yeah usually it does take 4-6 hours but I do have several hard drives with around 700gbs being used on the file history drive; so I am ok with the time frame, however now it takes an entire day just to get to 18% of the scan which is still my C drive and just appdata folder. It honestly doesn't appear to be hanging on any specific file it just seems to take a whole lot longer to scan any file.


                I have tried everything I can think of to speed the scan up. 3 days is still kind of unbearable, however it has come a long way from the first scheduled scan on windows 10. The first scan actually took 6 days before I canceled it at 66%. Could it be the supposed new encryption with windows 10 that is causing the extreme hangs?


                The only other problem I'm experiencing is firefox is continuously unresponsive - but I think that's do to flashplayer.

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                  Hi saharayne,


                  When you deleted Windows.old, did you do it using Disk Cleanup, Clean up system files? Or simply deleted it?

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                    Through disk cleanup.

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                      Just to update, it is currently running a scheduled scan. Which set to the default 4 a.m. I have never changed the scheduled time but come to think of the other scans have seemed to start in the evening around 7p.m. Anyway so far it appears to be flying through it still seems to be taking longer than I am accustomed to seeing that it is 7:25 am and it is just 18%. I did notice an update in progress yesterday evening and now the scan is currently zipping along.   I'll keep an eye out hopefully the update resolved the extremely long scan times.


                      Seems to have been resolved. I noticed the scan running at 7:11 am at the time it was at 15%  it is currently 7:38am and currently flying through the scan at 26%.

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                        Given the Large amount of File capacity it has to scan, I can see Why it may take 4 hours or so. I hope it continues to perform as it should, and all is okay now now. Could you please let us know the  McAfee Version/Build you are running?


                        Also , I assume you know already, with a scheduled scan all one has to do is (HOVER) over your 'Spinning Arrow/Icon' and it will display the percentage and number of files already scanned.


                        All the Best,


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                          Version 14.0 Build 14.0.4121. Yeah I've cleaned up the recovery drive since it had a few years of file versions on it. However that drive is scanned last.  The scan seems to be slowing down but I'm holding out hope it'll make it through the scan in less than a day.

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