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    McAfee Web Gateway & McAfee Network DLP integration

    anas 14

      Hello All


      i need to configure MWG to forward the traffic  to MFE nDLP prevent.. I didn't find any document regarding this,, I've just imported the rule ICAP Client from the library and entered the nDLP prevent ip address and the port of ICAP and REQMOD as a method, and of course it didn't work !!

      please any document, KB, explanation, best practice, someone can write the steps for **** that ... ?


      Thanks in advance,



      Anas Ismail

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          It sounds like you have configured the gateway accordingly. All the MWG should need is the DLP with ICAP ruleset and then configure the ICAP list for the DLP server. Can you post a screenshot of the configuration? I would recommend opening a Service Request with the following data so support can look into this issue.


          1.Feedback file

          2.Rule Traces