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    MOVE MP 3.6.1 Install Fails


      Hi Everyone,


      I appreciate this question is a little vague and I can provide more information on request.  This is a hopeful 'quick fix'  before I engage the MER tool and log a support call.


      We have several machines running MOVE MP 3.5.1 and 3.6.0 that we'd like to consolidate onto 3.6.1.  When we try and run a client task to do this is the normal way the install fails and the agent logs don't seem to offer many clues.  We have mainly Server 2k8 R2 machines and it does not appear to matter if they are running 3.5.1 or 3.6.0 or no MOVE AV, the result is the same.  I've tried removing the affected packages from the MR and re-downloading but the effect is the same.  I've reviewed the known issues but can't see a match.


      Is anyone else seeing anything similar?





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          ...and, as usual, with such blanket issues that only affect a subset of the community, there is more than likely a simple explanation!  In this case it always helps if the client task 'Deploy MOVE Client' is actually doing that rather than trying to deploy MOVE OSS! (how did I miss that?)


          Thanks for your time,