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    Wrong number of solidified files after Task-Solidification




      I'm new on this community, and I need your help/advice!

      Unfortunately I did not find the reason, why my system working strange over the internet.

      Hopefully somebode can tell me, what happened.


      I've installed the McAfee client on the target system, remotly from the ePO server. Than, I deployed the Solidcore Agent (6.2) After the successfully installation, I've used Client Task - SC Enable without Reboot, to access the relevant commands. On the client, in that time the Solidcore, was in update mode, and CLI was locked down.

      I sent, the Client Task - Run Command (so) to solidify the system. The command run correctly, but the result is strange. The command output was the following:

      Enumerating installed products.
      Solidifying volume C:\
      00:13:09: Total files scanned 15571, solidified 2


      Which means, the task duration was 13:09 min, and only 2 file was whitelisted from 15571.



      When I listed the solidified files on the client with sadmin -ls, I've got thousands of file. (unfortunately there is no sum.)


      Can somebody tell me, why ePO says only 2?


      Thanks in advance: