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    no client server communication ePO Agent


      We install the ePO Agent on WinXP with the option /install=agent /instdir="c:\program files\network associates\common framework" -s

      on the FrmInst_WSName.log is the entry

      "Setup completed successfully" and the Service is started. But it not receive any ePO Tasks or Updates.

      When I run cmdagent.exe /P it appear following error:

      C:\Program Files\Network Associates\Common Framework>cmdagent /P
      20080108120042 I 540 naCmnLib Random seed = 0xadd3****

      Error:***Agent is not available to enforce policy.20080108120042 I 540 Thread
      Exit program

      Error:***Failed to send command to ePO Agent ***

      After Install the ePO Angent manually it works fine. Any ideas?

      ePO Server