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    Problem ODS with McAfee agent 5.0.2


      I have installed the new mcafee agent 5.0.2.

      When I run an ODS with a maximum runtime, the task doesn't stop after that maximum runtime.


      In the logging masvc_XX.log I see the next error on the moment the task has to finish:


      2015-09-10 14:37:16.907 masvc(1224.1944) Repository.Warning: Failed to get url type for repo (ePO_NNNNNNNN), rc (12).

      2015-09-10 14:37:17.141 masvc(1224.1944) scheduler service.Critical: scheduler delete task failed, last error(1101)

      2015-09-10 14:37:17.936 masvc(1224.1944) scheduler.Info: The task ma.policy.enforce.timeout.task.name is successful

      2015-09-10 14:37:17.936 masvc(1224.1944) scheduler.Info: Next time(local) of task ma.policy.enforce.timeout.task.name: 2015-09-10 14:42:16


      What's the problem?