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    Mcafee Upddlg.exe internet error




      Has anyone else seen the windows popup error "error in createsecureobject......"  I used Process Explorer (from microsoft sysinternals) to identify the culprit as Upddlg.exe (v6.0.3.127) running on Windows 10 Enterprise 64bit.


      A google search found several references to windows media player and Internet Explorer (http://www.jakeludington.com/ask_jake/20111022_how_to_fix_error_automation_serve r_cant_create_object.html)

      or to the older version of the endpoint protection client (v5.2) (http://vs.mcafeeasap.com/mc/VS52/Help/ENU/output/GUID-7C8A0066-1FE3-4F4F-976B-25 9DBCCC8523.html)


      but none of these solved my problem....


      Anyone else out there seen this?