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    SIEM WMI connect error


      Hi All


      I am having a problem with a certain WMI data source. I am able to telnet successfully to this source from the Event Receiver on port 135, but when I do a test connection, I get the error message "WMI Event Log test unsuccessful. Error: The SSH connection failed. (ER360).


      I have never seen this specific error before and it does not seem to point to a credentials issue. Has anyone encountered this before or can you point me in the right direction to troubleshoot?


      Many thanks


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          Hi Jacques,


          Are you having any other errors in relation to the receiver that data source is configured on?  The actual command to be run will be launched from the ESM when you test the connection to the receiver to be executed.  That would be the most likely source of this SSH error.  If in doubt, please do give us a call so we can have a look at it.  Cheers.



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            Hi Michael


            No, we do not seem to have any other strange issues with data sources on that specific receiver. We do have other WMI data sources on there, but they give a different error when I try to test connectivity indicating more of a routing / firewall issue in my opinion.


            This data source in question is the only one with an ssh related error. I will probably log a call then to troubleshoot further



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              can you take a screeshot of the data source configuration for the WMI client.