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      hi folks, anyone know how to get rid of malware trj.dealware which has bypassed my mcafee anti virus software? it has a loud looping message phishing for me to phone a number. running Windows 8 with Chrome as the browser. google seaech shows many sites referencing trj.dealware but to my surprise a search of ma

      cafee site shows no reference. thanks.

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          You could try running Malwarebytes (Free) followed by AdwCleaner. To keep Malwarebytes ( Free) DO NOT enable or activate the Trial paid version. These Superb Tools and more can be obtained from the following Link:

          Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools



          Hope this helps


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            I might add also, when searching for a solution. You may see 'SpyHunter' offered as a remedy to your problem.


            Please (AVOID) this application at all costs! It creates more harm than good. And is practically almost impossible to remove once installed. Most consider this Program as Rogue/Scamware as it asks you to purchase the product after scanning, to remove anything found.

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                                 Has your issue been resolved? For I noticed one of my threads marked as 'Correct Answer'?

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                Thanks. I am unfamiliar with use of this forum and this is about my third attempt to thank you.So excuse me if any of the other thank you attempts, duplicate this message. Twas not I who marked your response to my query on trj.dealware as"correct answer" but, I think, "ex-brit". 

                Nevertheless you do seem to have solved my problem with the malware.  The site to which you referred me recommended a system reboot to a date prior to the malware entering my computer.  I did the system reboot and I no longer have the trj.dealware oral message asking for a payment to solve my virus problems.

                   It does not seem to have been necessary to use the virus cleanup software that you recommended, although if you think the malware might have hidden backdated files somewhere that could have survived the system reboot, please let me know.

                Thanks again for your expertise.  Ian061945

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                                     I see that you reverted back to an earlier point in time, where the malware was not present on your system. Please ensure that you are Updated with the most current Updates for Windows and your Add-Ons. Especially  Internet Explorer even if you choose to not use it. McAfee and other important programs require it to be, in order to function properly.


                                        To include your McAfee Software as well. As for Malwarebytes (Free), I personally have it on my system as a Compliment to my McAfee Security. It is compatible and all one has to do is update it, before scanning.


                                         Glad that all seems to be Okay 


                  Wishing you all the very Best,


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                    As for your inadvertently posting to a Old thread, no worry   With this new Platform even us Moderators sometimes experience difficulties. Btw ..... My Colleague 'Ex_Brit' is most Respected by myself and his peers. As a matter of fact, he is the one whom (Created) that particular Document I inserted for you to read.


                    Again, All the Best