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    active/standby tunnels in policy-based VPNs


      SMC 5.8.3  [8824]

      FW-315 with 5.5.15


      I would liek to understand how the active/standby triggering is working within a multi-site VPN configuration.

      As Test, I set up on configuration with two tunnels, on active and one as standby.

      Then I manipulated the active VPN destination GW and the active VPN was not operative anymore. Ok, so far.

      Then the Standby tunnel jumped in and the connection worked as expected. Good.


      But now I don't no how to switch back to active. I reverted the manipulation on the destination GW, but the connection did not switch back to the active tunnel.

      How exactly is the VPN configuration considering a switch? How to get back to active? Can it be done manually, is there a override?


      Thanks in advance for help


      best regards