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    Livesafe opens really slowly can take ages to get to Navigation Screen


      Hi. I recently posted on here about Lifesave not opening a member told me to update the pc and reinstalled that problem. However it's seems it's not going out with a bang Lifesave takes ages to load and some times sticks on the Navigation screen before you can even start doing scans or updates. I'm not sure if people have had the same issues but I can't see what the issue is. The laptop is a 2015 Dell Inspiron 17 5000 series. My Machine in particular is a 5758 model in the series with a i7 2.40ghz processor duo, 1TB Hard Disk, 4GB of ram, x64bit Machine OS: Windows 8.1. My machine is looked after barely has a few programs hard disk is still really empty. I'm really losing hope in this program I thought it had potenual but it seems to be a massive problem child sorry to be brutal I done countless reinstalls to get the thing working properly and now considering going back to Symantec Endpoint. Hope some can help me change my mind and fix the issue also sorry if there any spelling mistakes but typed this on an iPhone