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    Clickprotect Won't Uninstall After Adobe Bundle Download


      I accidentally installed Mcafee on my Computer when I installed Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. There was apparently an optional box checked that installed the program called Mcafee Security Scan Plus alongside Adobe.


      I deleted the Mcafee software that downloaded by going to Add/Remove Programs and uninstalling it.


      But whenever I click a link in my Gmail in Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer, the link redirects to CP.McAfee.com to scan the link before sending me to the page I want. It does this even with links to reputable websites like YouTube.


      For the record: I never signed up for a Mcafee account anywhere, Clickprotect just seems to have come bundled with the free software that automatically downloaded with the Adobe package.


      I have also tried intentionally reinstalling the same Mcafee package through Adobe and then using McAfee's own uninstall instead of the Windows one. That did not work either.


      Finally, I also tried the McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool and that does not remove it either.


      There is also nothing in any of my web browser extensions and the fact that clickprotect activates on Chrome, Firefox and IE leads me to believe that it is in my file system somewhere and is not getting removed by the uninstall tool.


      Can someone please tell me how to get rid of this? I know it's technically a good thing to scan links but I find it annoying that I accidentally downloaded a Mcafee product I didn't intend to install and now I can't completely remove it.


      Thank you.