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    McAfee constantly updating every couple of hours


      I also am having the same issue of McAfee constantly updating. I upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 back in July. All was working correctly and then in the last week I noticed that it was updating every couple of hours. It slows down my computer each time it does this and sometimes freezes other sites I am on.  I get the little blue icon over the McAfee icon indicating it is updating. When I check the Updating status it shows it updated and then when the next update will occur which appears to be every 3 to 4 hours.  I contacted Technical Support, they had me install the MVT tool and run it. It came back with a result that 1 item was fixed but it did not fix the problem and I'm totally frustrated at this point that I turned off the Updates. When I told the Tech Support that I could see that the Update was going to occur again in a few hours, she said this was because of Win 10. I'm not understanding why Win 10 is the problem since everything was working fine up until a week or so ago. It would appear that something changed in a McAFee update which is now causing this issue. The updates will typically occur less frequently so why the constant updating?


      What else can I do? Thank you for the assistance as I'm ready to delete McAfee even though I'm still valid till 2016.



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