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    An unexpected error occurred when I try to do anything in ePO 4.6.1.


      Hello. I recently logged in to ePO to deploy the agent to some new workstations I added to our domain. I go to System Tree, locate the unmanaged workstations, select them, choose the appropriate task, and once I go to start the deployment, I get "An unexpected error occurred". The last time I logged in to ePO, this issue did not exist, and nobody else has touched it since then.


      As an experiment, I tried to perform some other tasks, such as software updates. I am able to get to the point where the next button you click should initiate the task. Once you click that last button, no matter the task, "An unexpected error occurred". Whats going on, and how can I fix it? I hope someone else has had this happen before.


      I searched the knowledge base, and found that this issue is well known, but each KB article mentions a specific task that causes the error, and so I did not pay much mind to them, because they all seemed to have a detailed, technical solution.


      I am fairly new to this system, I didn't buy it, install it, or maintain it. I just deploy the agent software to new workstations as needed.


      Thanks to whoever is willing to assist me.