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    Lenovo and LiveSafe


      Purchased a new Lenovo laptop w/Windows 7, that came with a 30 day trial subscription to LiveSafe.

      On the day the 30 day trial expired, I purchased a 1 year subscription to LiveSafe,

      which I thought included the Password Manager Application / Safekey ?


      However, when I login to the McAfee home page, and look at My Accounts -> My Subscriptions

      Password Manager is NOT listed. There is a item called My Secure Files (Personal Locker).

      Assume this is not the same as the Password Manager App?


      I did remove and reinstalled LiveSafe, thinking maybe the version of LiveSafe

      that came with the Lenovo had limited support.


      I also have a case opened with McAfee, but while I am waiting on an answer

      to my case, thought I would post the question to the community.


      Can anyone verify why I can't not access Password Manager ?


      Oh BTW - found it interesting when I went to register for a userid on the McAfee community, the password

      strength checker is different when registering your McAfee product versus when registering with the McAfee community.

      Registering for an account with the McAfee Community requires a stronger password.

      The password strength requirements should be the same in my opinion.