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    Unable to scan


      The Real Time Scanner has been "starting" for a few days and won't let me scan.  It says "Can't Scan Device. We're having trouble scanning right now. Please wait a few moments and try again. It has shown the same error for a few days.  I was also having the issue with the updates that have been discussed in other threads.  I  followed the steps listed and I think the issue has been resolved.  I have not seen the scanning issue discussed.


      I am new to the board and am not sure what information I should provide to have the issue resolved.

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          I was able to play around with it and fix the issue.

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                                Welcome to McAfee Communities. Glad you were able to resolve your issue. As you can see I marked your thread as Correctly Answered.


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                                 Although you were capable of resolving your issue. In the future one of the first things you can try, is run the latest McAfee Virtual Technician http://mvt.mcafee.com/ As for providing us information, your Operating System and Version of the McAfee product you are using helps us to offer suggestions.


                                   And of course the symptoms you are presented with. Quite often we can offer advice/suggestions to help resolve your problems. However, we are a peer to peer Forum, and if we cannot. We do our best to direct you to someone whom can.


                                    Of course you can always contact Technical Support 24/7 via Phone/Online Chat being much quicker.

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                                     To become more familiar with your McAfee Product/Features. You can open your McAfee User Interface ( Located in the bottom tray by the clock). Click on Help, then Help again and it will take you to a 'Step by Step' Guide/Tutorial in regards to all of your Product Features.

                                      It is imperative that you keep your system up to date with all of your Windows Updates/Add-Ons, to include Internet Explorer. Even if you do not use it, McAfee and other important programs do in order to function properly.Plus make certain you have no other Security Software running ( RTS- Real Time Scanning Module). For it will Clash/Conflict with your McAfee Protection.


                                       Again, welcome to McAfee Communities.


              Hope this helps,