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    HA Cluster w/ Virtual App + Physical App




      Have anyone tried to configure a Failover Cluster with a Virtual Appliance and a physical appliance?   Is it possible?




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          Theoretically, as long as they have the same number of interfaces and the zones are created in the same order it probably will work.


          Whether McAfee would support it though, that's a different question...



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            Hi Phil, Actually i have setup a lab environment simulating this scenario so my issue is the following...when i forced the "standby" node, which is the Virtual App, to take the primary role all the the traffic that is perrmitted by ACL's on the firewalls are "dropped", everything comes to normal conditions when the the primary node reestablish it's operation.  Running the "cf cluster status" as well as the "cf cluster failover_status" you see that the secondary node took the primary role and that the cluster ip addresses were assigned to the interfaces therefore you can ping the cluster ip while the primary is down.....seems to be a virtual app issue.....