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    Exchange 2013 and Virussscan 8.8 patch 5 - Event ID 906 issues


      Hi, hoping to get some help with an issue we are currently experiencing.


      We are in the process of migrating across to Exchange 2013, setup is below.


      Servers: 2 x DL380p Gen8

      CPU: 2 x E5-2650 per server

      Mem: 128GB per server

      Disk: 12 Local disks, 2 mirror for OS and logs, 4 Raid 10 x 2 for DB's per server


      There is currently a single dag configured with 2 active and 2 passive DB's.


      DB1 Active copy is on Server1 with a passive copy on Server2, DB2 active copy on Server2 with passive on Server1.


      Every morning at 4am when the DAT update runs for Mcafee one of the DB's will failover to the other server, at the same time the following event ID 906 is generated,


      Information Store - DB1 A significant portion of the database buffer cache has been written out to the system paging file. This may result in severe performance degradation.

      See help link for complete details of possible causes.

      Previous cache residency state: 100% (3959 out of 3959 buffers) (109 seconds ago)

      Current cache residency state:  0% (3 out of 5246 buffers)

      Current cache size vs. target:  99% (1630.555 / 1637.938 MBs)

      Physical Memory / RAM size:     131037.270 MBs


      This is not a memory issue as we have enough and there is no load on the servers currently.


      The latest firmware, drivers and updates have been applied.


      Backups run at 18:00 everyday and normally finish before 19:00.


      We have excluded all the required files and folders as specified in the Mcafee documentation, we have also added the required exchange processes to the Low-Risk policy and excluded from scanning as per the documentation.


      With all the above done, the issue keeps happening.


      If we disable Mcafee Access Protection, On-Access Scanner and the Framework service the problem goes away, so this appears to be an issue with Mcafee.


      Any Ideas?