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    LiveSafe installation fails on all devices


      I am working in a large Danish electronics chain where we install McAfee LiveSafe on 10-20 laptops every day.

      The past 2 weeks or so, we are unable to install as we are getting some strange behavior from the installation process.


      Here are the exact steps we take:

      • Generate LiveSafe serial through McAfee Partner Portal
      • Activate serial on the customer laptop using URL www.mcafee.com/mls/retailcard
      • Create customer account using their details
      • Download LiveSafe installer from account and use the serial number on the website when the installer asks for it
      • Installer fails with the error "Handlingen kunne ikke fuldføres" / "The action could not be completed"
      • Click Try Again
      • Go back to the McAfee user page and refresh to get a new serial
      • Installer fails again


      This loops over and over.


      This happens on all laptops which comes straight from the vendor (HP, Lenovo, Acer etc).

      All the devices are running Windows 10.

      I have called the support hotline and created a service request as this is an extremely critical issue for us. Our customers are paying for LiveSafe and we cannot provide it to them.

      McAfee service request: 1814598810


      Please if anyone urgently could look into this issue, it would be greatly appreciated.