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    Protection Pilot End Of Life?

      Hi All

      As McAfee has put an "End Of Sale" on some of its SMB products will
      this mean the End Of Life on Protection Pilot?

      I have been told that you will only get the option on buying McAfee´s
      Total Protection for Small Business or Active Virus Defense. So What
      about Protection Pilot?

      Some in here might ask why this should be a problem as you are still
      left with two products that you could manage your AV solution with. I
      can see two huge disadvantages:

      First - If you look at the VirusScan options in the TSA/TSB solution
      you will not be able to change the configuration as you would in
      Protection Pilot using VSE 8.0 or 8.5i.

      Secondly - If you are using PP with VSE 8.0 or 8.5 today, the TSA/TSB
      solution is not able to remove the VSE before installing, this have
      to be done manually. Think about a company with none or only one
      person in its IT department that is supporting 50 - 200 workstations,
      he/she would have to find a solution to manually remove its VSE
      product before installing the TSA or TSB solution.

      The other option could then be ePO, which is the best product for
      managing your AV solution no doubt about that, but this could be a
      mouthful for a small business with no IT department.

      So will PP live to serve customers in the small to mid range market
      as it was designed for, or is the "sun" going down for this product?

      Best Regards