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    Web Gateway Authentication NTLM - Chrome?


      I am having some trouble getting Chrome to authenticate our users with the web proxy.


      Our Setup is

      2 Web Gateway 7.3.2 in HA cluster

      All clients are windows 7 domain joined PCs


      Our authentication rule set is very simple


      1.  Check for authentication rule - Authentication.IsAuthenticated equals true then Action: stop rule set

      2.  Authentication.Authenticate<User Database at Authentication server> - euqls false then Action:Authenciate

      3.  Allow users in Allowed Group - Authentication.UserGroups contains "Web_Allow" then Action:Continue


      When browsing with IE everything works like it should and the users are able to browse.  However, when someone uses chrome it is really hit or miss.  Some of the users never get out and simply get the must authenticated error while others can browse for a little bit but then seemingly randomly hit the wall of must authenticate.  When I look at the rule trace log the top properties of the requests for Chrome seem to be missing the Authentication.Username property which is why they are failing.  Have I setup something incorrectly or does chrome just not play nicely with NTLM and Web Gateway,