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    Antivirus Plus stuck on "checking for updates" (Win 8.1 x64)


      I have spoken with various levels of tech support at McAfee 4 times during the last week because I noticed that Antivirus Plus is stuck "checking for updates" (Win 8.1 with all recommended updates).


      We have run Virtual Technician several times, reinstalled Antivirus Plus and the last time we ran the Windows System File Checker which found corrupt system files and tried to repair them with the Windows Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool which produced another error.  Was told to call Microsoft who told me to do a complete "refresh" of Windows (Win 8, then updated, upgraded to Win 8.1 and updated) and again reinstalled McAfee Antivirus Plus and it again sticks on "checking for updates" after reboot, as well as throughout the day.  The only thing that works is when I click on the progress of the updating it only then completes the update.


      Any other suggestions?

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