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    Two scans running at the same time 'Possible'


      I now realise this has happened a few times lately. Now that I have found this community though I would post.

      Dell W7 laptop. OE Security centre. Fully up to date.


      I run a full manual scan. The cooling fan goes flat out. The scan completes 100% and states nothing found.

      Interface hangs for a few seconds and will not close when clicking 'DONE' or X.


      After closing the whirly wheel is going round on the task bar Icon. It says 'Scheduled scan  'percentage' completed'  [today 64%]

      I open UI again and there it is.Scheduled scan running I click cancel. It flicks to 100% complete and closes.

      Has two scans really been running side by side.


      I am not very technical so would not know where to interogate to find out or is it a bug and others had it.

      This was a recent  un-install re install from the lst round of not updating. Now the updating was hanging too as posted.


      Cheers Andy

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