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    VSE (P6) - Threat events not parsing?


      Just updated extensions and packages to the most recent RTW extensions and packages for VSE and noticed two things during tests.


      EICAR file detection only alerted once, though if I had repeated the same download VSE had identified it and sent it to quarantine multiple times, the notification window only displayed once; not critical, but an issue.


      More important; threat events are now no longer parsing in ePO, all threat events (including the 3 for the above EICAR test) are going into debug folder.




      VSE:                 (P6) RTW

      VSE Extensions:     

                VirusScan Enterprise 8.8:

                VirusScan Enterprise Reports:

      Engine:                     5700.7163

      DAT:                         7906


      Anyone else experience this issue?