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    Fail to deploy Extra DAT

      Hi guys,

      I have added Extra DAT into our Master Repository.
      Then Replcated to all our Distributed Repositories.
      Did a agent wake up call.

      It is now almost a week and I am only getting 10% of my computer with the Extra DAT. The rest has the latest DAT, but no Extra DAT. What is worng?

      I am running ePO 4 with ePO Agent 3.6.0 and AV 8.0i and 8.5i.

      If you guys can point me into the right direction that would be great.

        • 1. Hint
          Did you added a Update task to all clients?
          Default update only runs at 5:00PM

          At the Root of your Company Group at a 'Client Task' > 'Update (McAfee Agent)'.
          Look also at the packages. Maybe select 'All packages'.

          Set the task at 'Run Immediately' and enable the 'Run at every policy enforcement'.

          Than run the Agent Wakeup Call