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    Grant Number access to downloads, reorganized, some items no longer available?


      Periodically, and when Patches are scheduled for release (like VSE v8.8 Patch 6 on 8/26/2015), I login to:

      McAfee Downloads - Antivirus, Antimalware, Virus Scan | McAfee.

      Using my customer's grant number, I download new releases, updates, patches, hotfixes, etc., and evaluate implementation in their environment.


      I like the re-organization of Current Versions and All Versions, for download.


      Most of my customers have McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite.


      Looking at updates just a few days ago, I found McAfee Installation Designer (MID), which has not changed with VSE Patch 5, or Patch 6 to my knowledge.


      However, today, I note that MID is not listed in either Current or All Versions. Has MID been removed or removed for Endpoint Protection Suite, or is this just an oversight and will be re-introduced later?


      Are others seeing MID in their list?



      Ron Metzger