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    EPO 4.6 to 5.3 upgrade question


      Hello all,


      Looking for some input on this upgrade path, currently have a single w2k8 EPO 4.6 infrastructure that supports all my companies laptops and server devices around ~10,000 devices.  Since I have recentely taken over the McAfee duties, I was looking to spin up a new EPO 5.3 server and migrate ONLY the servers to this new 2012 server and leave all of the laptops on the older 2008 server.


      question is, what benefits besides not waiting for the client side upgrade issues (packages, version supports) that I can sell to a manager to get the laptop and old 2008 server handed off to the desktop team?


      appreciate any input on this as I would love to give the desktop guys their own environment and spin up a new 2012 server with new DB and ePO 5.3 and just slowly migrate the servers off the old epo to the new one and keep the desktops on their old epo



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          Hi jjarret,

          If you have completed with this please tell me the detail as I am also going to update my server.

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            Hi Jjarret,


            If you are planning to leave all laptops with OLD epo 4.6 and only planning to take rest of the machines to get managed from new EPO 5.3


            You can perform the transfer machines as per Kb79283.


            BUT< It depends on the products you are managing, If you have EEPC / MDE, version 7.1.2 or lesser version, this transfer machines option is not valid.

            If you have MDE./EEPC 7.1.3, then you can open case with support, were there is a steps to transfer machines with MDE 7.1.3 from one to another EPO.


            By chance, you don't have EEPC itself, and planning to perform this activity, you can proceed further.

            Have a note of transferred machines will not automatically redirect to specific group and If you have any tags, need to assign manually.

            Policies and tasks are to be re-configured.

            Except the machine is moved to new EPO, rest all other activities will be manual process to get assigned those systems as applied.