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    Deploying VSE Patch 6 as Eval


      I have a Windows 10 machine that SAYS it has Agent on it; however, I cannot browse to the agent log at port 8081.


      I would like to get VSE installed on it and I found another post that showed using a specific Agent General policy where under the updates section, you change Patches and Service Packs for VSE to Evaluation.  I have done this, but if Agent doesn't even seem to be responding right, is it going to work in this way?

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          Remote Agent log requests aren't necessarily related to communication failure since the requests come from the system you are viewing EPO's console on. If wake up agents work and your last communication updates then the system is fine. There is further setup for remote Agent log viewing in the General policy.

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            Thank you - I realized I sort of have 2 issues here.  I have "Enable remote access to log " on all my systems, but in this Windows 10 one I can't get to it separately.


            Apart from that though, if I do a cmdagent /S, the Agent monitor does come up.  If I try a deployment task from epo to this machine though, it fails every time, so I'm still in the same position of trying to figure out how to get VSE patch 6 installed.



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              Do you have the full patch 6 checked in and confirmation that the patch 6 package is selected in the dropdown within the client task? The screenshot just shows the time period after a deployment task had finished.

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                Well, I'm a bit confused.  I did check in patch 6, but that is just a patch.  Am I correct in thinking that the full install, including patch 6 is  If so, then yes, I have it selected to install.  From what I can tell, the Windows 10 machines with the agent installed have the agent running but are not communicating with the epo Server, as sending wake up calls does nothing.

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                  There are a lot of potential gotchas here. 


                  Patch 6 comes in two packages, the full installer and the upgrade patch.  If you're doing a Product Deployment task, that will attempt to push the full installer down to the endpoint.  Keep in mind that Product Deployment tasks will break if you change the branch in which a package was located.  I.e. if you made a deployment task to push the 8.8P4 installer from the Current branch, and then move the P5 installer into the Current branch and drop the P4 installer to the Previous branch, that task you had previously build will not deploy anything.


                  If you currently have P5 installed on the Win10 system and are trying to launch a Product Update task, you will need the upgrade patch uploaded into the ePO repository (and pushed to any distributed repositories that the Win10 client may be using).  It sounds like you've done this, and placed the patch in the Eval branch.  The Win10 will need to have an updated Agent policy pushed to it that tells it to update from the Eval branch.  Then you will need to run a Product Update task (or an Update Now) which will pull the upgrade patch and install it.


                  Can you issue an Agent wakeup call to the Win10 system from ePO, and does it work?  Or does it only check into ePO when the Agent initiates its regular ASCI checkin? 

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                    The file I downloaded and checked in was VSE880P6.


                    The Windows 10 machines have no VSE on them at all, only the agent.  On this particular machine I'm on right now, agent wakeup appears to do nothing at all if run from ePO.

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                      That's the patch update only. You'll need the vse88lmlrp6.zip for full installs.

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                        If the Win10 systems can get to ePO, but ePO can't initiate an ASC, sounds like a firewall issue on the Win10 systems to me. 

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                          Richard Carpenter



                          Are you saying the a Client Task for a Windows 10 machine doesn't trigger to Install VSE?


                          I am seeing a similar issue here and have a ticket open with Support.


                          From memory I think an SQL table update needs to be applied to add WIN10 to the PlatformsSupport Columns.




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