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    WPAD/Proxy.pac - IE 10/11 Slowness When Using dnsResolve(host)


      Quick question....has anyone experienced slowness/lag in IE when using dnsResolve(host) in their wpad/proxy.pac files?  It doesn't seem to affect Chrome/Firefox, but it does IE.  I have to say performance is still A LOT better now then when I  used ( isInNet(host function in the wpad/proxy.pac file.  instead calling dnsResolve(host) in a variable - HOWEVER, there is still noticeable lag when using IE.  After stripping down the PAC file, I narrowed it down to that function causing lag.  Here's an example of my PAC file:



      Function FindProxyForURL(url,host)


      var myip = myIpAddress();

      var ipbits = myip.split(".");

      var myseg = parseInt(ipbits[3]);

      var resolved_ip = dnsResolve(host);


      //Is destination host just the machine name (no dots)? -- Default to DIRECT

      if (isPlainHostName(host)) return "DIRECT";


      //Internal Destination Directives - Default to DIRECT

      if (isInNet(resolved_ip,"", "")) return "DIRECT";

      if (isInNet(resolved_ip,"", "")) return "DIRECT";

      if (isInNet(resolved_ip,"", "")) return "DIRECT";


      //Load Balancing Code - Find the 4th octet - Check to see if the 4th octect is even or odd

        if (myseg==Math.floor(myseg/2)*2)

        return "PROXY proxy-01:9090; PROXY proxy-02:9090"; //all IPs ending in even numbers go here


        return "PROXY proxy-02:9090; PROXY proxy-01:9090"; //all IPs ending in odd numbers go here