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    Problem pushing 3.6 agent using login script


      I just setup a new EPO 4 server. We want to push out the agent (3.6) via login script to all machines. In case it matters, all machines are running virusscan 8.0i. Most do not have an agent currently installed.

      We put together a very simple batch file (shown below) and copied it -along with Framepkg.exe - to a share accessible to all machines. We created a GPO and put the batch file in Computer Configuration -- Startup.

      if exist c:\epo.txt goto sof
      echo > c:\epo.txt


      The install seems to have run successfully because I see the directory of the agent + when I open up the virusscan console and look at the repository list, the new EPO server is the first one listed (prior to the install, only the mcafee http & ftp sites were listed). However,
      1. the icon for the new agent isn't showing up
      2. on the server it doesn't show that the machine has the agent installed
      3. when i try to run CMDAGENT /P from the machine, I get
      Error:***Agent is not available to enforce policy.
      Error:***Failed to send command to ePO Agent ***

      Lastly, if I just run this same Framepkg.exe manually on a machine, it seems to install everything fine.

      Any ideas?