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    Wisecustomcalla.exe , malware ?


      I just found out in my app bar ( Windows 8.1 ) there are some applications ( i can only see 2 ) called "Wisecustomcalla( one of them has the number 11 there and the other one has no number ) .exe

      I seached in some site and looks like it may be a malware/ a process of windows/ files of McAfe antivirus ( preinstalled on my pc ) or files of the wise installer used by Symantec ( i have norton online backup preinstalled on my pc ) .

      After said that i want to point out that i can only see this app from the app bar after click on "customize" .

      I did a scan with malwarebytes too, but looks like there are no malware .

      So i'm safe ?


      P.s. In my app bar there are some application that i deleted before but there are still there, i can only see them after click on customize .

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